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Using Geisha Balls to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Posted by on in Nomitangs Adventures
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The pelvic floor muscles are prone to weakening during the course of life due to several reasons. Pregnancy, constipation, obesity, genetic predisposition, age and childbirth are some of the factors which can contribute towards the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises have long been recommended as a means of strengthening these muscles.  However, Geisha balls can also be used effectively to enhance the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

The importance of Maintaining Pelvic Floor Strength
The main reason why the pelvic floor muscles, also known as the pubococcygeus muscles, should be strengthened is to possibly delay or prevent the development of pelvic organ prolapse. The condition occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened to the point of descending down to the vagina. The result is utmost discomfort and possible sexual dysfunction. Although the condition commonly affects older women, younger women are susceptible to it if they PC muscles weaken at a fast pace. It is for this reason that pelvic exercises are recommended to women and they should keep up with the exercises throughout their life. It might sound like a chore to some women, but the use of Geisha balls during pelvic floor exercises makes it worthwhile for most.

What are Geisha Balls?
Also referred to as Ben Wa balls, Venus balls, Bermuse bells, Orgasm balls and Benoît balls; Geisha balls are marble-sized small balls which are often hollow and used for sexual stimulation. The balls usually do have a small amount of weight and they are interlinked with chains. Geisha balls are available in diverse forms with some available in solid forms, others with chimes and some with clappers. There are larger versions of these balls made out of plastic and they encase smaller balls known as Duotone balls.

How are Geisha Balls Used?
Geisha balls are placed in the vagina, one at a time, and then held in place using the vaginal muscles. It is important to go to the restroom before inserting the balls. Lubrication should be used to facilitate easy entry and the process is similar to the insertion of a tampon into the vagina. If difficulty is encountered when inserting the ball, different approaches should be used like lifting one leg up or lying down. Once the balls are in, the leg muscles should be squeezed together as well as the PC muscles so that the balls are held in place. The balls should push down against the vagina a little bit and the sensation felt is akin to having a ‘full’ vagina. The balls should be held in place for about 15 minutes daily to effectively strengthen the PC muscles.

How to Remove Geisha Balls
The balls can be removed in several ways including sneezing, bearing down, jumping up and down and coughing. Another option would be to use lubricant to slide them out or remove them during a bowel movement. However, for easy removal it is best to go for geisha balls with retrieval cords akin to how tampons come with a retrieval string that hangs out of the vagina. Many women often fear that the balls might disappear into the body, but this is highly unlikely because they stay firmly held within the vagina.

Geisha Balls Tips to Use
Plastic balls are highly recommended for beginners or women who have relatively weaker pelvic floor muscles. This is because the metal balls often slip out easily especially when the PC muscles are extremely weak. If the balls do slip out, wash them thoroughly using water and soap then insert them back.
For enhanced comfort, go for latex made Geisha balls. The only shortfall would be that latex based balls require thorough cleaning and may be harder to clean due to their porous elements.  If they are not cleaned well bacterial build-ups may occur and this could jeopardize the overall health of the vagina.
When the balls have been inserted in, rigorous physical activities should be avoided so that the balls do not slip out. Normal functions such as coughing and sneezing could result in the balls slipping out. The PC muscles should be strengthened enough before attempting to wear the balls outside the house.
It is important to note that the metal Geisha balls could trigger metal detectors. It is therefore wise to avoid wearing them to places where security checks are highly in place such as airports and other transport terminals.
The balls may be worn during sexual intercourse and they help to increase vaginal lubrication as well as enhance the penis stimulation. The balls with the retrieval cords are the best choice for insertion into the anus.
Whether for sexual stimulation or strengthening the pelvic muscles, Geisha balls come highly recommended as some of the sex toys that any discerning woman should try out.

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