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Better Than Chocolate 2


Are you like me and need toys with a good kick of power to get yourself off? I mean, at this point I have upgraded my toy so many times that the basic stuff just doesn’t really do it for me anymore, but the Better Than Chocolate 2 does!

First, the packaging it comes in is simple and elegant. It opens up to showcasing the toy, which is a wide curved product for fitting snug against our lady bits. It’s laying on a satin cloth to really make it stand out.

The design offers four different color options, including the Red Violet that I opted for, yet it looks pink to me. As mentioned above, they shaped it so that it’s very comfortable and fits like a glove to my southern region. To apply pressure, it easily fits two fingers on top to press down.

In Summary

It’s just long enough to reach from my vaginal opening to clitoris and let me tell you, the vibrations feel amazing. It’s made from silicone, so it’s easy to clean with soapy water or toy cleaner. It’s waterproof too, so I use it in the bath a lot.

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