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Wild Times With The Wild Rabbit!


My G-Spot and I are eternally grateful for receiving the Wild Rabbit by Nomi Tang to review. This classy looking vibrator sent me head over G-Spot this afternoon and I have to be 100% honest, I was shocked. Upon first receiving the vibrator, I questioned its worth. It has heavy grooves down the centre of the shaft, grooves on the clitoral shaft and I hate texture! It has an iTouch control pad which is like an iPhone screen, “What a gimmick!” I thought to myself. The box itself labels the toy as a “Designer” sex toy, I scoffed. But… I WAS SO SO UNBELIEVABLY WRONG. I almost hate myself for my fast judgement of this beauty.

I have owned several rabbits in my time. The majority of them have been given the boot except for my beloved MiSS Bi and Lady Bi by Fun Factory. Though never have I owned a rabbit that effortlessly made my G-Spot sing the way the Wild Rabbit did. The key characteristic of the Wild Rabbit is the bulbous and curved head which is similar to some of my favourite G-Spot dildos like the Key Comet Wand by Jopen.

The sweeeeet curve of the Wild Rabbit gave me heart emoji eyes approximately 3 seconds after insertion. When thrusting, that curve is so gloriously noticeable and those grooves just worked! My original thoughts on the grooves that I harshly shuddered at can only be compared to someone who drove a train on dirt for years before they finally drove the damn thing on tracks. I previously had an unrelated bad experience with texture. I find the harsh texture of a silicone or glass sex toys too much. It scrapes, it burns and it’s just not nice.

However, the grooves on the Wild Rabbit are parallel to each other, running from the very tip of the head to the glorious end of the shaft. Nomi Tang states that the “symmetrical grooves are designed to explore through sensitive friction” and I couldn’t have described it better myself. The shaft is flexible but not too flexible. It gives to the natural contours of your body but is still firm enough to give you enough force to stimulate your G-Spot.

The clitoral shaft of the Wild Rabbit also features that same genius groove. The groove is in the centre of the shaft so your clitoris is almost engulfed by the groove, providing stimulation on either side of your clitoris, as well as the usual direct stimulation provided by a rabbit. The flexibility of the clitoral arm meant that no matter what way I thrust, the sucker was always in direct contact with my clit. Swoooooon.

The Wild Rabbit has THREE motors. You read that right, three! One in the clitoral arm, and two in the shaft. The motors collectively produce nice, low and rumbly vibrations. The kind that we sex nerds love. The kind that penetrates much further into nerves for a greater and more intense orgasm.


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