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Instagram Reviews

Please find here Instagram reviews of our products.

Please find here Instagram reviews of our products. read more »
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Instagram Reviews

Please find here Instagram reviews of our products.

I am not really into big toys but this ‘better than chocolate’ is just tiny and elegant! plus it’s waterproof if you wanna play in the bathtub ? Go on and show yourself some love during this quarantine!?
Nomi’s is a game-changer for me. Cordless with a long-lasting charge, five different vibration patterns and three intensity levels. Ergonomic, waterproof and just plain beautiful.

This baby has been giving me many strong clitoral orgasms during solo and couple sex.
It’s the best sex toy I have ever tried!⁣ Power wand is perfect for those like me on medication that effects your sex drive, with this you literally don’t have to be in the mood to get results ?⁣ It’s great, yet again for us girls who have #endometriosis and can’t always have sex the regular way as it’s external only! ⁣
I find it very efficient and handy, and I appreciate that it works on battery because I don’t like toys that connect directly to electricity. I find it beautiful and classy too, presented in its satin case.
People often ask me for ‘the most powerful’ vibrator, but I always discourage them for looking for this trait. In my extensive experience, the lower quality vibrators tend to be more fierce, and rather than making the experience more pleasurable, it numbs you and can ruin your orgasm. I love Nomi Tang as it’s gentle enough to encourage my orgasm, rather than numbing me and spoiling it. With the different intensity settings, you can adjust it to suit your personal taste. I’ve been looking for a vibrator like this for a long time!