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Women's Day 2020

From faking orgasms to creating my own sex toy brand

It is believed that this modern society gives women the rights and freedoms, allowing women to become the most of themselves without any restrictions, but the truth is that it gives women enormous pressure. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for them to pursue their career while maintaining healthy relationships with their husbands and taking care of their children. For women, striking a perfect work-life balance requires great wisdom, ability, enthusiasm and persistence.

Today we celebrate woman's day, and I also want to use the time to talk about myself and my intention of becoming an entrepreneur.

Before having my own sex toy brand, I was a woman who has faked hundreds of orgasms, usually because I am not feeling it and desperately wanted to boost the man's ego. It was my only way to generate satisfied moments. I was frustrated with my sex life at that time. I was upset about myself being inferior to men.

How did it all begin?

Years ago, my friend told me about a workshop about sex lives and how women can please themselves. In the beginning, I was reluctant to go there, but since it was a gift from my friend, I attended the workshop. After the workshop, I decided that I should get to know my body better. It was the point where I tried sex toys for the first time. Since then, I have tried several different sex toys to discover myself in a variety of ways. I tried to find out the most sensitive parts of my body. Unfortunately I was not really happy with the quality of toys I found and boughth at that time, so I started to experiment with own creations. Eventually, I came with vibrators - it was the time I decided to create my own sex toy brand - Nomi Tang. I want to help every woman to understand her body better and enjoy the orgasm by using quality sex toys which do their job.

Blog_20200308_1Power Wand - one of my latest powerful creations

How did it change my life professionally and sexually!

I run my own company for more than 10 years now, but, my career path wasn't that smooth at the beginning. I had various frustrations in my path to being a successful entrepreneur. People laughed at my ideas, family and friends doubted me, and in a way, I started without much support of my loved ones. I faced several setbacks, making me doubt myself. Somehow I managed to get out of all those stages of life. My favourite quote is "what doesn't kill you, make you stronger".

<span">Remember, as long as you persist and have faith in what you are doing; every problem can get solved.

Moreover, I want to tell every woman that it is not shameful if you cannot cum while having sex. Your partner is equally responsible for teasing/pampering your body and making you feel comfortable. Eventually, I found enthusiasm in my ten-year career. Also, my sex life is pleasant, vivid and sometimes real vigour.

Break the rules!

Women should find enthusiasm and understand their own needs! It is only by managing yourself; you can please others! Any woman can master her own life and time, as long as she dares to break the rules. Only when you dare to step forward, you can achieve what you want in life.

Let's celebrate all women on this special day and let's support women who are trying to discover their bodies entirely. It is high time that society and women themselves understand the need for sexual pleasure, and if men are failing to provide the same, they can do it on their own. Yes, life doesn't end if a woman isn't pleased with her sex life, but it inevitably gets happier and relaxed if she is!


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