Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 – the top clitoral stimulator!

I was waiting eagerly for my Better Than Chocolate 2 pack by Nomi Tang to arrive at my home, and I had all the reasons for it!

Starting from the packaging with its incredible elegance, which makes it very comfortable to put it in place, because you know,  you always need to ambush sex toys in some way, instead the box containing this masseuse has such a simple and “anonymous” look that you can safely avoid hiding it under layers of clothes in the closet or some drawer!

The design is awesome, it looks like a small tulip that lies in the palm of a hand, the material (medical silicone) is soft and silky.

When I first turned it on (as soon as I took it out of the box, I admit it!) it seemed a bit too powerful for my taste, but it has a white band where you can slide your finger and adjust the intensity, finding the right one for you.

I had to wait a while before trying it, since I obviously had to charge it (unfortunately, but i’m a little impatient!) It charges through a USB cable which is great to me since I am very attentive to the environmental aspect, so you don’t need to use batteries, and it is also great the fact that the packaging is cardboard made and not of some plastic materials, so that it has a significantly lower impact on the environment.

As soon as it has finished charging (with a charge you can use it for about two hours) I did not resist: I had to try it right away! I enjoyed changing the types of vibration (it has five and you just have to push the on/off button to do it) and try the different levels of intensity until I found the right one for me! I played a little, moving it from the clitoris to the surrounding area, if you want it can also be used as a massager on other areas of the body, but that was not what I was into at that moment! Well, in the end I did not play so much, because it has incredible effectiveness (have I said that I’m a bit impatient?), so after ten minutes I set the vibration and power that I experienced I liked the most and oh my god…BOOM!!!

I had to tell my friends right away! Girls, this is an object they should give to women way to the corners of the streets, the world would definitely become a better place!

It is also waterproof, up to 1 meter deep and I cannot wait to try it during a nice bath, soft lights, candles, essential oils and Better Than Chocolate 2!

Thanks Nomi Tang, thank you very much!


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