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Maletoy-Review: Spotty RC from Nomi Tang


With the Spotty RC I have now also tested a prostate vibrator - or rather: had it tested. This toy for men has an arm with a rotating head that massages the prostate and another arm that can vibrate the perineum.

Today I'm going to try something new: a test report on a male sex toy. Of course, I didn't test myself. No, I'm lucky to currently have a very open friend with extras. So open to try out the Spotty RC anal vibrator with me, which Sally got from Nomi Tang together with the  Wild Rabbit for a review.

Nomi Tang's Spotty RC

The Spotty RC in its boxThis toy for men comes in a sturdy black box with a shiny silver logo. The packaging is high quality and classy. Because of all the black it doesn't look like the typical women's toy, so there is no risk of confusion. There are no frills, neither on the packaging nor on the device. But it doesn't look cheap either, in contrast to many other sex toys designed for men. With a purchase price of,  114€ at Amorelie for example, I naturally expect a certain quality.

The tester has already gained experience with a few (smaller) anal plugs, but when he saw the Spotty RC, he had to swallow a bit, as the device already looks quite large at first glance.

The device has two arms. One that is inserted anally with the rotating head and one that additionally stimulates the perineum with strong vibrations. The arm with the rotating head can be imagined as a very thick finger with the slightly angled fingertip turning in a circle. Since I don't have a prostate myself, I had to have my male test subject tell me how it felt. It wasn't too bad, according to the report. However, no orgasm could be achieved without additional stimulation of the penis.

With this toy there is hardly anything to do with secret games, because the volume corresponds to the power. So it's not loud enough to be distracting, but definitely audible.

The Spotty RC Design

The Spotty RC in the hand

As already mentioned, this powerful sex toy also looks masculine for men. The arm that is inserted anal is a very nice size for my taste. It doesn't look too long or thick, but also in no way that you have to worry about not feeling anything.

The thicker arm should rest on the perineum and thus pamper this sensitive area and the testicles with vibration. There is also a grip hole for easy handling, which means that the Spotty RC can be easily held in place or pulled out again.

Buttons for completely individual control are attached to the underside of the bulging branch - but it is even more convenient to use the remote control. This toy can do what I often miss in many women's toys: Each arm can be controlled individually. A little vibration on the perineum and a vigorous massage of the prostate? Everything can be controlled individually. I am a bit jealous.

Incidentally, the Spotty RC is waterproof. You can also use it in the bathtub or while showering without any problems.

How does the Spotty RC feel?

The Spotty RC The Spotty RC The silicone feels soft and both arms have relief grooves, but I almost doubt whether these actually have a big impact, after all, you don't really move this toy once it is in place.

The tester was almost surprised how easy it was to insert the Spotty RC, of ​​course with plenty of lube (water-based on this silicone toy). How good the massage feels in the end depends of course - similar to sex toys for women - on the anatomy. No G-spot is in the same place and the P-spot can also be different depths from man to man. In the case of my test candidate, it probably didn't fit perfectly, but it still felt good. The rotation of the head stimulates a little too high for him, so that the prostate is not hit directly. On the other hand, according to him, the vibration at the perineum was sometimes rather distracting and at least not brought the desired arousal for him.

We cannot report an orgasm without additional stimulation. But we tested it out together anyway, as if I could help out on the side. So the orgasm came quickly and quite intensely.

Numbers, Data, Facts

  • Spotty RC Unboxing Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 164 g
  • Size:
    • Height: 13,5 cm
    • Width: 12,8 cm
    • Depth: 1,9 cm (at the anus), 3,0 cm (rotating head), 3,6 cm (base)
  • Rechargeable (charging time: 2.5 hours, operation time: 1-3 hours)
  • 5 different vibration pattern, 3 rotation pattern
  • Contents: Spotty RC, remote control, manual, USB charging cable, battery for remote control, luxurious gift box
  • Cost: 114,00€ at Amorelie


I think the Spotty RC is a really great Maletoy. Of course - as with any sex toy - there is no one-size-fits-all recipe that is perfect for everyone. But if you want to surprise your partner with something very special, you can give it a try. If he gets involved, this toy can certainly enrich your love life.

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