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Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit Review


Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit Review

When elegance is what you’re after, you won’t go wrong with the Wild Rabbit by Nomi Tang. It’s got one of the sleekest designs I’ve ever seen for a sex toy, silicone with a gold trim around the handle.

Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit

First off, this toy comes in three color options, including purple, pink, and my favorite, black. I think the black really sets off the gold trim the best. Of course, if you’re not a fan of gold it may not be the same affect for you and pink or purple may look prettier.

In design it’s like other rabbit vibrators, with the exception of the handle grip. This allows you to easily hold it without worry about slipping at the wrong moment. You’re also going to love the fact it’s rechargeable, I know I do.

It’s also curved slightly so that it hits my g-spot just right to really send me over the edge of climax. The intensity level is controlled by i-touch slider, and it’s very quiet and discreet.

In Summary

Made from ABS and silicone, I love how discreet this toy can be and has become my go-to option for taking long trips where I may need to relax.

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