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Product Reviews

Hier findest Du Product-Reviews von bekannten Bloggern und Webseiten.

Hier findest Du Product-Reviews von bekannten Bloggern und Webseiten. mehr erfahren »
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Product Reviews

Hier findest Du Product-Reviews von bekannten Bloggern und Webseiten.

When elegance is what you’re after, you won’t go wrong with the Wild Rabbit by Nomi Tang. It’s got one of the sleekest designs I’ve ever seen for a sex toy, silicone with a gold trim around the handle.
Are you like me and need toys with a good kick of power to get yourself off? I mean, at this point I have upgraded my toy so many times that the basic stuff just doesn’t really do it for me anymore, but the Better Than Chocolate 2 does!
Kraftvolle Technik und luxuriöses Design. So in etwa lässt sich der Wild Rabbit von Nomi Tang beschreiben. In schwarz mit edlen goldfarbenen Akzenten macht dieser Rabbit-Vibrator auf jeden Fall was her. Ich habe für dich getestet, ob er auch in der Benutzung so gut überzeugen kann wie im Design.
Mit dem Spotty RC habe ich nun auch mal einen Prostatavibrator getestet – oder besser gesagt: Testen lassen. Dieses Spielzeug für Männer besitzt einen Arm mit rotierendem Kopf, der die Prostata massiert, sowie einen weiteren Arm, der den Damm mit Vibrationen verwöhnen kann.
I’m usually pretty cautious about reviewing clitoral vibrators. My clitoris only responds to intense power and few are up to the challenge. But, clitoral vibes are my favourite toys and the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 looked like a risk worth taking. It’s shape seemed it would provide the precise stimulation I need and the price left me hopeful of a decent motor. From the moment it arrived and I had clicked it into action, I knew it was up to my diva clits standards.
This is the second product of the German company Nomi Tang that I test, and like the first, the clitoral massager Better Than Chocolate 2, it did not disappoint me at all!
I was waiting eagerly for my Better Than Chocolate 2 pack by Nomi Tang to arrive at my home, and I had all the reasons for it!

Starting from the packaging with its incredible elegance, which makes it very comfortable to put it in place, because you know, you always need to ambush sex toys in some way, instead the box containing this masseuse has such a simple and “anonymous” look that you can safely avoid hiding it under layers of clothes in the closet or some drawer!
My G-Spot and I are eternally grateful for receiving the Wild Rabbit by Nomi Tang to review. This classy looking vibrator sent me head over G-Spot this afternoon and I have to be 100% honest, I was shocked. Upon first receiving the vibrator, I questioned its worth. It has heavy grooves down the centre of the shaft, grooves on the clitoral shaft and I hate texture! It has an iTouch control pad which is like an iPhone screen, “What a gimmick!” I thought to myself. The box itself labels the toy as a “Designer” sex toy, I scoffed. But… I WAS SO SO UNBELIEVABLY WRONG. I almost hate myself for my fast judgement of this beauty.
Believe it or not, I had already spent several days without having a single orgasm before I tried Wild Rabbit by Nomi Tang for the first time. My period of abstinence was not planned. In fact, I usually enjoy an orgasm every morning when I wake up. To facilitate this, I keep several strong vibrators in my bed. They are all within easy reach. And, if one should fail, there is always another to take its place in the heat of the moment. That was the plan.
If a vibrator claims to be better than chocolate then, naturally, one would have some very high expectations. To earn that superlative, it must be as blissful in its own way as the taste of chocolate is on my discerning tastebuds. The toy would need to make me moan and squirm in my bed with sweet delight.