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Nomi's Blog

Stay up to date with Nomi's news about her toys and sex in general.

Stay up to date with Nomi's news about her toys and sex in general. read more »
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Nomi's Blog

Stay up to date with Nomi's news about her toys and sex in general.

The best sex orgasms for me involve a car in a unique location. I will spend all afternoon contemplating the things I want to enjoy later with my lover. There are weekends when we go for long drives in the country I will start with my Better Than Chocolate vibrator as we travel we fantasize about what we want to do when we arrive.
Our bodies, including our healthy vaginas, need water; it is the carrier of nutrients, lubrication to keep down harmful bacterial growth and what makes sex fun. Another tip for a healthy vagina is maintaining our natural lubrication. Our bodies produce a lubricant that is superior to anything humanmade, so drink your water. The recommended amount is one to two liters per day; some people can handle more others can not, listen to what your body says.
Endometriosis is most identified by the pain it causes and the more substantial flow it produces. It can be challenging for lovers to understand the issues created by this, sometimes crippling medical illness. Healthy sex life can help reduce the anxiety and stress brought on by a period cycle. There are over the counter drugs that can ease the intense pain as well as homeopathic usage of heat and baths. During the time of menstruation, a woman can utilize clitoris stimulation to release endorphins for a natural pain reliever.
Maybe you don't have the right partner at the moment, or you just prefer to bring yourself to climax and explore your body. Maybe you are just curious.
Whatever the reason, it is always a good idea to lend a hand.
Today I'm giving you some tips and tricks that can give you a lot of great orgasms. And I'm also trying to take away any fear or uncertainty.
Because even if you have never satisfied yourself before, you can have a lot of fun with your own body.
was bored with everything already in my secret box under the bed. Every night a drive grew to find a plaything to rock my world as my first toy did so many years ago. After exploring all the adult sex toys available, there was one that drew me in. The first thing was the name Tease; that was what I wanted more than anything to be taunted. Most toys are either too soft or vibrate way too hard. The weekend I had planned out with my lover needed a bit of spice to make it perfect. I am a girl that enjoys clitoral stimulation before I can have a world-shattering vaginal orgasm.
Easter, this year is going to be a little less of bunnies and eggs, and fun and cakes. The COVID-19 outbreak has all of us locked inside, and the social distancing is here to stay, for at least a couple of weeks more. However, the annoying part of being indoors is only for people who aren’t reading this blog. For you, this Easter is going to be all about self-discovery, the flow of emotions, and stress relief. How? Well, because I am going to inspire you to move on a path of orgasms and positive energy! And on the way, I am going to tell you about my favorite Easter bunny.
Does this sound interesting? Let’s talk a little more about it!
From faking orgasms to creating my own sex toy brand

It is believed that this modern society gives women the rights and freedoms, allowing women to become the most of themselves without any restrictions, but the truth is that it gives women enormous pressure. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for them to pursue their career while maintaining healthy relationships with their husbands and taking care of their children. For women, striking a perfect work-life balance requires great wisdom, ability, enthusiasm and persistence.
Today I'm super excited, because I launched my new website with many new features, please check it out! It is now easier to navigate and adapts to all kind of scren sizes. Also, this new website is constantly updated, so stay tuned and make sure you register for my newsletter!
Please also make sure to regularly read my blog because my team and I are keen on discussing more interesting and educational sex topics. Soon you may also read some nice but naughty personal sex experience topics on Nomi‘s blog.
Prepare for an exciting Valentine’s Day!
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, did you already prepare a special gift for you or your partner? To help you celebrating this exciting day, we like to recommend Nomi’s Pleasure Set.
Nomi’s Pleasure Set contains a hand-picked selection of Nomi’s high quality bestsellers like the stylish lay-on vibrator Better than Chocolate 2 and a 100ml bottle of Liquid Aqua Based, a high quality water based lubricant, setting the stage for probably the most passionate Valentine’s Day you have ever experienced.
As pleasing to the eyes as the gifts are, also the gift bag is stylish and environmentally friendly, comes in a romantic color and is a nice storage for your gifts.
October 3rd to 5th, 2018, Nomi Tang products were presented at the Erofame expo in Hanover, Germany. This event provided a platform to all attendees to present successful brands, new products, concepts, ideas and services from different market segments.
Wild Rabbit, the latest dual stimulation vibrator from Nomi Tang, is an outstanding new concept and experience in the luxury toy segment. It comes with a special symmetrical groove to increase the touching area and to enable sensual friction to G-spot and clitoris. The technique of Wild Rabbit consists of three very powerful motors, creating a sensation of travelling and looping vibrations inside and out, resulting in an ultimate screaming O!
Nomi Tang will exhibit at the upcoming Shanghai ADC show. During the event, all visitors can expect to see her full line of products including the new popular Wild Rabbit which is elegant, more fun, easy to operate with i-touch slider and it offers an extraordinary appearance with a symmetrical groove, designed to explore through sensitive friction. With three powerful rumbling motors, travelling vibrations all across the perfect shape and i-touch control, Wild Rabbit comes with exciting features enabling you to reach new levels of climax! All visitors can also look forward to see another highlight, her best-selling product - Better than Chocolate 2.
We will release our best selling lay on vibrator ‘Better than Chocolate 2’ in black/gold in the end of December. "The new color combination of 'Better than Chocolate 2' was released especially for those customers looking for a powerful lay-on massager featuring a dark, elegant color. Now our customers can choose from hot pink, red violet, dark blue and black", said Nomi Tang.
Women stereotypically love chocolate but hate its side effects. Hence, 'Better than Chocolate' is a perfect match, since this pleasure product helps women not to add but to burn calories while at the same time providing much more excitement.
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